a citizen solution to climate change

"Tree-Nation aims to stop Climate Change and reforest the world.
For this we make tree planting easy, fun and safe through our social tree-planting platform."

Tree-Nation mission

The XXI Century's Most Threatening Issues Have 1 Solution

  • Pollution
  • +
  • Species Extinction
  • +
  • Poverty
  • +
  • Climate Change
  • +
  • Malnutrition
  • +
  • Desertification
  • +
  • Floods
  • +
  • Deadly Viruses
  • +

Yet our forests disappear quickly.

Every minute we loose forest cover equivalent to 36 football fields.


trees cut since you started reading this page

Fortunately we can change this

We just need to create high standards sustainable forestry and agro-forestry projects. And spread the best practices so that, in the end, more trees are planted than cut.

Fortunately we can change this

Tree-Nation offers you the chance to plant trees around the world from the comfort of your home. And it’s not only about planting trees. It’s about sharing with the world the things you care about.

Connect every day to Tree-Nation to plant trees.

Offer trees to your friends and family or dedicate trees to your important moments. A birthday, a wedding, an event, a memory... there's always a good reason to plant a new tree!

Plant your first tree

Trees are a way to share emotions

Feel the mood of the planet through the trees planted by Tree-Nation citizens. We are a vibrant and friendly community with more than 100.000 users.

Planting trees has never been so easy

You, the mouse. We, the shovels!

Choose where to plant

We have 10 plantations around the world.
Discover our plantations.

Select your species

Is it gona be a pine or a baobab?
With more than 200 species, there's a tree for every occasion.
Take a look!

Who is the tree for?

Decide if the tree is for you or you want to offer it to someone special.

Personalize your tree

Add a beatiful picture and a message so that everyone knows
why are you planting that tree.

Mission accomplished!

You will be able to keep track of your tree,
know its location and growth stage through its virtual copy.

We think 3€ per tree is nice… but free is awesome!

You can buy trees and plant them at your rhythm or you can play with the community and earn free trees. There’s no limit!

*This section is being developed.

1. Every week you’ll get one seed.

2. Once you plant it, other users will start to water it

3. If the seed reaches 100 water drops in less than 5 days, a tree will be planted and you'll get a new seed!

Our secret weapon of mass construction

Help us fund the new Tree-Nation platform currently under development. We have been working for a year in stealth mode on rethinking Tree-Nation from scratch, and now we need your support to make it a reality.


What will change with the new Tree-Nation platform?

  • · The new platform will be opened to ALL projects in the world, not just a few ·
  • · A simple tool for all planters to meet, exchange, plan and grow ·
  • · All projects will be able to improve through our step by step validation process ·
  • · To plant millions of trees at no cost with our new "Seeds system" ·
  • · A new cool design will make it easy to participate for our citizens ·
  • · And lots more exciting stuff! ·

The global planting community

Planters, companies and world citizens team up in Tree-Nation to make possible the impossible. We couldn't be more thankful to all of you!

+ 100.000 Users

Of course nothing is possible without you. Every day hundreds of users log in to Tree-Nation and together they have planted more than 800.000 trees.

-> Join the community

+ 90 Planters

While you help the planet from your home, Planters are your eyes and hands in the field. They are hard workers and, with their daily efforts, they are changing the world.

-> Become a planter

+ 200 Sponsors

Companies are offering trees to their employees, clients and the Tree-Nation citizens. We are very honored by the trust and loyalty in supporting our reforestation projects we received from some of the best brands on the planet. Thank you guys!

-> Get my company involved

Discover our tree planting projects

Tree-Nation partners with planters around the world to develop high standards reforestation projects in order to fight Climate Change, deforestation and help local economies.

What a project brings...

We select our projects to meet the 3 pillars of sustainability


Good for local communities

  • Increase drinkable water quality
  • Livelihood improvement
  • Improve agricultural and forestry practices
  • Social conflict mitigation
  • Raising environmental awareness
  • Create alternative biomass source
  • Create alternative food and medicine source


Good for environment

  • Avoid land degradation
  • Protect the forest
  • Protect the watershed
  • Preserve biodiversity
  • Protect the habitat for endangered wildlife
  • Avoid land degradation
  • Offset CO2 levels
  • Restore forest cover
  • Land restoration
  • Enhance soil fauna


Good for local & sustainable economy

  • Increase land’s productivity
  • Decrease poverty level
  • Bring green development & revenues for local populations
  • Counteract desertification
  • Fight rural exodus

You have to be a little crazy to be a tree planter

...and we are totally crazy!

  • Maxime Renaudin

    Max Renaudin

    Founder & CEO
  • Willi Maese

    William Maese

  • Audrey Bangoura

    Audrey Bangoura

    Corporate Partnerships
  • Amparo Estrada

    Amparo Estrada

  • Philipe Van Mechelen

    Philipe Van Mechelen

    Business Development
  • Xavier Costa

    Xavier Costa

    Forestry & Plantations
  • Vedran Cindrić

    Vedran Cindrić

    Information Technology
  • Darko Blažević

    Darko Blažević

    Information Technology
Imagine how many trees we can plant together

Imagine how many trees we can plant together

Start to plant!